The Sleeping Puppy Story

The Sleeping Puppy Story


The story of Sleeping Puppy simply began from a bad night’s sleep. 

Waking up sore from a night of sleeping on a stained and sagging mattress, we asked ourselves, is there a better way?

Little did we anticipate the eye-opening journey that awaited us. 

Unsatisfied with our current mattresses, we began to dig deep into virtually every traditional mattress on the market, expecting to find a product worthy of our biggest investment–our health. Though the deeper we dug, the more dirt we found. 

Beneath their stitch-up designs, traditional mattresses hid a multitude of concerns. 

From discomfort and questionable material quality to inevitable sagging, harmful glues and cleaning challenges, each bed we tried was riddled with issues – and many had no return policy. To add insult to injury, the traditional mattresses were remarkably expensive, making them a considerable financial investment despite their compromised comfort, durability and overall value. 

The importance of sleep is well researched. Lack of adequate sleep can result in a higher likelihood of cardiovascular issues, an increased risk of diabetes and obesity, impairment of cognitive functions and a heightened risk of car and workplace accidents. In fact, some studies have found that insufficient sleep can even lead to a premature death. 

Knowing all of this, we weren’t going to settle for a mattress that was anything less than perfect. 

With traditional mattresses off the table, we turned to the growing mattress-in-a-box trend, though these brought forth their own set of challenges. Cheap, low-quality options, with unpleasant odors and zoned pocketed spring systems meant that many of these mattresses-in-a-box were actually doing more harm than good to those that slept on them. 

After ruling out traditional mattresses and mattresses-in-a-box, we realised that we had an even bigger task on our hands. We weren’t going to find a worthy bed, because there wasn’t one. Instead, we had to redefine the sleep experience. This was no longer just about selling mattresses, it was a commitment to addressing fundamental industry issues with a focus on comfort, quality and transparency. 

The journey was meticulous, iterating endlessly and collaborating with industry leaders like BekaertDeslee, YKK and Dowell, trying to get a bed worthy for Australians to sleep on. Though we didn’t just want Australia’s wealthiest families to enjoy a good night's sleep, we wanted to make a bed for the everyday Australian. 

The result? 

The Sleeping Puppy mattress. 

Sleeping Puppy was born through a collaborative effort between Australian designers and the reputable Chinese manufacturer, DONBLE. With 30 years of specialisation in mattress craftsmanship, Donble embodied the ethos of doing one thing exceptionally well. 

Through this fruitful collaboration, and after months of tireless research and development, we were finally able to create a mattress that ticked every box:

  • Transparency in Design: Sleeping Puppy prioritizes transparency in mattress design, offering innovative zippered covers that allow you to see every component, from fabrics to CertiPUR-US certified foams and pocketed springs. 
  • Longevity and Sustainability: Unlike traditional mattresses, Sleeping Puppy mattresses are designed for longevity. You can replace individual components, such as covers and foams, to refresh your mattress, promoting both comfort and environmental sustainability. 
  • Customisable Comfort: Sleeping Puppy mattresses offer adjustable comfort and support, allowing you to personalize your sleep experience. The 4cm thick, interchangeable foam layers create a DIY mattress tailored to your preferences. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Non-quilted covers for Sleeping Puppy Luxury and Classic are machine-washable. Simply unzip, wash cold, and line dry. The quilted cover for Sleeping Puppy Luxury can be spot cleaned for added convenience. 

At last, we had made a bed worthy to sleep on. 

Though our journey really became personal when one of our mattresses was put to the test. One of our team members had been suffering from a debilitating shoulder injury after falling off his bicycle. Despite years of physiotherapy, it seemed as though nothing could minimise the pain. Then, he slept on the Sleeping Puppy luxury mattress. 

Within two months, he was able to swim again, after being unable to for years. Not long after that, he could finally lift heavy objects with his injured arm. Today, it’s as though he were never injured to begin with. 

Sleeping Puppy isn't just a mattress; it's a testament to a commitment to transforming lives. Bid farewell to uncomfortable nights and welcome a healthier tomorrow with Sleeping Puppy. 


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