Before Unboxing!

Before you embark on the unboxing journey, take note of these essential steps. Depending on the mattress type, it might unroll swiftly, so it's crucial to position yourself at the end of the mattress at all times. Keep a safe distance from anything delicate while the mattress unfolds.

1. Positioning

Slowly work the mattress out of the box and place it in the center of your bed frame.

2. Unrolling

Utilize the provided tool (no knives, please) to delicately cut along the outer layer of plastic. Remove the initial layer of plastic and unfurl the mattress until it lies completely flat.

3. Unwrapping

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4. Expanding

All done here! Take a break for a few hours as your mattress expands and regains its form. While you can sleep on it right away, keep in mind that it will reach its full expansion within 72 hours.

Comfy Options!

Your mattress comes with three different firmness configurations. If you ever wish to adjust the firmness level, simply unzip the cover and rearrange the top foam layers!